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Article Bounce Back Emails
In computer jargon, a bounced e-mail is one that never arrives in the recipient's inbox and is...
Views: 1050
Article Email error: 550 SPF: x.x.x.x is not allowed to send mail from
The above error means that the mail from was rejected due to spf setting. The sender...
Views: 1039
Article Exabytes's Anti SPAM Technology
With the number of SPAM keep on increasing on the Internet, we have enforced the Reverse...
Views: 1045
Article Exim HELO/EHLO Protections
HELO/EHLO is a greeting used by the sender mail server to the recipient mail server, to...
Views: 1260
Article Mail Failure - Too Many Recipients
Sample Error From: Mail Delivery System...
Views: 578
Article SPAM IP Check
SYMPTOMS When you face an issue where you not able send out E-mail while just establish your...
Views: 817
Article SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
An extension of SMTP which stops email spammers from forging the "From" fields in an e-mail....
Views: 787
Article Unable to Receive Email From Postmaster Mailbox
Explanation: Sender which is using postmaster email address is prohibited on XANTEC mail...
Views: 798
Article Why Do I Get Bounced Emails That I Never Sent?
Many spammers and viruses will automatically select random email addresses to send emails out...
Views: 904

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